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Nyagatare Agro Ventures Rwanda Pvt. Ltd.,is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nyagatare Agro Ventures (India) Pvt. Ltd., which is based in Rwanda, Africa..

Harnessing Local Talent

One of the core objectives of Nyagatare’s business was to create a socio-economic impact in the African states by engaging the local population to participate in the development of the land for organic farming, resulting in chemical-free produce.

Construction Quality

Nyagatare Agro Ventures also ventured into Construction Engineering in Rwanda to enable the development of various structures in Rwanda, be it commercial, industrial or residential, with the objective of providing employment opportunities to the local populace.

Empowering Local Farmers

Nyagatare Agro Ventures Rwanda implemented mechanised agriculture to develop the large swathes of agricultural land, resulting in lower costs and reduced timeframe. Nyagatare is also empowering the farmers in Africa with rental of agricultural equipments, which otherwise was not affordable by the local farmers.

Socio-economic impact

Nyagatare Agro Ventures commitment to socio-economic development of Rwanda is exemplified by developments and the impact created through various activities over the last six years.

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