Nyagatare Agro Ventures Rwanda Pvt. Ltd., has adopted the TOPCON GPS based levelling and Spectra precession Laser Levelling of land, which has resulted in higher productivity and economised consumption of irrigation water.

The company has carefully selected Seeds from RAB and other time tested resources, procuring only the treated & disease-free foundation seeds. Simultaneously, the company has also commenced Seed Multiplication in own farms and selected plots.

Puddling the land, a preparation for transplanting, which is carried out with ‘Full Cage Wheels’ &‘Rotavators’ fitted to Tractors using Kuhn No Till Drills, Kubota Transplanters and Manual Transplanting methods has yielded better corps.

Nyagatare is the only company in Rwanda to promote organic method of cultivation, complemented by the customised application of NPK and micro-nutrients,liquid and solid fertilisers as inferred by the lab-test reports for soil and water. Fertilisers are sprayed using HTP sprayers and Knapsack sprayers. Perfect dosages of pesticides and weedicides introduced, using power sprayers, in consultations with local entomologists and international agencies.

Nyagatare has implemented mechanised harvesting of using Track type and Tyre type combined Harvesters, these harvesters will be used for efficient harvesting, ensuring least losses of the harvested crop, irrespective of prevailing weather conditions.

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