Socio-economic impact

Social Impact

Nyagatare Agro Ventures commitment to socio-economic development of Rwanda is exemplified by developments and the impact created through various activities over the last six years.

  • Currently employing1400 locals and 16- 20 Expats.
  • Achieved yield rate of 5T/Ha by adopting mechanisation in Paddy cultivation, in addition to adopting organic methods of agriculture. We are buying cow dung and cow urine from the local cattle owners worth about 5M RWF per harvest season, which has resulted in additional income to cattle owners in the region.
  • Adopted state-of-the-art TOPON GPS Leveling system for land preparation, which reduces water consumptions considerably.
  • Established rice mills with modern drying facilities and with World class Buhler Processing machines
  • Established drying yards &storage facilities to ensure good quality paddy
    Drying Yard: 15,000 SQM, Storage: 1,500 SQM, 1000Tons of Paddy Storage capacity
  • Voluntarily we contribute to Nyagatare District Infrastructure development with our latest equipments
  • Paddy rice yield of 2250 Tons per season
  • Participated in the development of roads and gutters in local areas.
  • Donated bicycles to locals.
  • Established local grocery stores for the welfare of local populace.
  • Trained about 80 Drivers to drive 4WD tractors.
  • Trained over 300 locals to use the chemical Power Sprayer.
  • Trained over 20 employees to work with Harvesters.
  • Trained local sector supervisors on modern methods of Agronomy.
  • Adequately trained about 20 locals as Tractor Mechanics
  • Encouraged over 50 students from University of Rwanda to intern with Nyagatare Agro Ventures
  • Leasing of agricultural equipments to the local farmers for mechanised farming.

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