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Track Record

Track Record

Nyagatare is a sister concern of Sri Bhagyalakshmi Group of Companies, India with a track record of over 6 decades in agriculture, food processing, distribution and marketing. The foot prints of SBL Foods spans across many states / provinces in India through a vast network of distributors and retail stores, including modern retail chains, multinational super market chains and online commerce giants.

With a renewed track record, vast knowledge and expertise, Nyagatare has successfully established a sound business model to harness the potential of local resources for the organic cultivation of paddy, maize, pulses, vegetables, etc.,

Nyagatare is currently cultivating over 100,000 hectares of land in Rwanda with a yield of over 2250 tonnes of paddy per season, employing hundreds of local human resources, resulting in a turnover of over 1.8 million US dollars. Nyagatare has built an infrastructure which includes a drying Yard of 15,000 Square meters, Storage space of 1,500 Square Meters, and a Paddy storage space of 1000 Tonnes.

Over the last six years Nyagatare has been recognised by the Government of Rwanda and the neighbouring countries as professional, passionate, and compassionate enterprise with an intention to empower the socio-economic development of African populace.

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